Introduction of the activities and capacities

of the Szarvas Iron and Metal Indusrtial Plc.

  • Automatic turning:
    Single-spindle automatic turning lathes for Ř 35 mm bars.
    Suitable to manufacture large-scale small parts.

  • Chipping
    On point bench, up to 1000 mm

  • Pressing
    Mechanical press up to 25-100 t cutting power, even from bundles, with feeder, cutting and bending different parts.
    - Hydraulic drawing press up to 100-160 to drawing power, adjustable blank holder, drawing dish-like parts.

  • Pipe working
    Erregi make pipe working machine (Ř 9,5 mm)
    - Bending to different patterns by a pipe bending machine the parts prepared by the finishing machine.
Surface treatment
  • Painting

    Maximum piece length: 1200 mm
    - Surface preparation:
    Alkaline base degreaser, passivating and drying unit
    Annual capacity of the painting unit: ~1.5 million lamp parts
    - Electrostatic powder painting:
    Conveyor course duster painting line, controlled by computer, the furnace is heated by gas.
    - Dissolvent painting (water base)

  • Voltaic

    We apply 5 different voltaic procedures
    The tank size is: 500x2000x1000 mm

    - Chroming

    Chromium III – also for metal!
    Chromium VI

    - Brassing

    Maximum piece size: 1500x200 mm

    - Galvanization

    Smaller parts can also be galvanized in the barrel galvanizer.

    - Aluminum eloxing

Plastic moulding

Moulding thermoplast plastic
NC controlled moulding machines
Raw material drying with central drier
Automic colour mixing device on the machines
DEMAG 35-50-100 t closing power
Labelling and colouring the produced parts with tampon print
Wire confectioning
(EUBANK wire cutter, Stocko, Inarca climping machines)
Grinding machine to reclaim return material and the engus
Colour mixing system – locally coloured materials – smaller raw material inventory level.
Glass bending
Our glass manufacture line consists of 2 Mt- Forni, 1 Antonini, 1 Holland make glass slumping furnaces, therefore we have the greatest capacity in Central Europe. From 1.6 mm glass thickness to 4 mm glass thickness.
Bent glass covers and bent glass plates are made from flat glass plates with glass slumping procedure.
Depending on the covers and the plates, the procedure is carried out at 600-700°C, or on demand, at 850°C. The surface of the gall can be decorated. The decorations are made by screening or painting. Dull surface can be reached by sanding or acidizing.
Annual capacity of the glass plant: ~150 000 m2.
We have a full machine line for the preparatory operations:
- belt grinding
- disc edging
- drilling
- painting
- screening
- acidizing
- sanding.
Assembly plants
Equipped with pneumatic units, assembly belt and electronic controllers.
There are 6 assembly lines in our lamp assembly hall, and there are 2 assembly lines in our household device assembly hall.
The number of employees is 420, 2/3 of which manufactures the lamps, 1/3 manufactures the coffee makers. The qualified engineer background is ensured, the professional leaders are well prepared, the mechanics are well trained. The workers of the toolmaker workshop are professional toolmakers having great experience. They make all the strain hardening tools, and some of the plastic moulding tools, too. Furthermore, they repair and maintain all the tools.