Company introduction

The Szarvas Iron and Metal Works Zrt. is an industrial production and trade company operating in Hungary since 1952. The corporation was established in 1998 by general legal succession, transformation from the industrial association and it is exclusively owned by private persons. The company continues to carry out its two main successful activities started earlier. 
Despite the economic difficulties of the previous decade and today, and the strong concurrent companies, the company is still biggest factory in Hungary manufacturing lamps and light fittings. The metal, wood and plastic parts necessary for the production of the annual half a million lamps are produced in our own plants. We also have our own galvanizing and painting manufacturing lines. There are four furnaces in one of Europe’s biggest capacity glass bending factories continuously producing the beautiful and popular glass plates and glass covers used in the homes. The reliability of our products is proven by the 70% export rate of the lamps produced by us. Our lamps are sold in almost every country of the world.
The popular and reliable coffee makers produced by us – both the traditional and the electric ones – can be found in almost every household in Hungary. Our other household devices, for example irons, one or two-cooktop cookers are also very popular.
The high technical content is ensured by well-qualified engineers, and the reliability is ensured by the ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
We look forward to welcoming our customers in our stores – in Szarvas, two stores in Budapest, in Békéscsaba and in Szomkbathely – in the stores of our distributors, and in our webstore opening soon.